Interior design: don't think in sizes that hardly stand out ...
Think bigger, wider, higher, but above all more daring!
Experience the living or working space more intensely ...

Zeemeeuwen van Marion van Nieuwpoort
Poen de Wijs schildert

An artwork, masterfully captured with paint and brush, brings variety and colour to a space. Let these come to life. As wallcovering, on rugs/carpets, designer furniture, curtains or lampshades and….

Children’s room
The Three Graces
Folding screens
Our complete range of art

The wall painting, the lithograph and the photo in the frame are partly passé. In 2021, think especially ‘out from the frame’, away from those insignificant dimensions of framed art on your wall. Think bigger, wider, higher, but above all more daring! Abstract art makes way for ‘telling a story’. Furnish with impact! Our artistic art can be applied to walls/panels/folding screens and so on. But also as floor covering/carpet.

Sometimes our designs powerfully support the visual identity of a business client. At other times they play an atmospheric and thematic role. Such as when framing certain zones. For the creation of privacy or  to enhance the spatial experience. The house style and colours are decisive. May we advise you without obligation? Contact us.